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It’s been a minute! After writing weekly or twice weekly blog posts and emails for years — even through the Winter of Divorce and other rough times — I’ve stepped away recently.

As I wrote in early January, I feel out of sync with conventional narratives and pulls at present. This isn’t anything new! What is new is feeling unsafe on social media, where anonymous hate is increasingly virulent and vicious. Also, I just never leave online spaces feeling better or…

Intention, action, writing, yoga, meditation, self care, soul care, life edits, social media fast, habit shifts, love.

Hey there. Dropping by with some small updates, big New Year’s blessings, and a coupon code. As for updates…

Nothing earth-shattering, but I’ve decided to leave Facebook — both personally and as my business. It’s part of a wider process of simplifying and streamlining…while minimizing online time and social media.

Another, earlier step was reducing my Instagram presence to one account, only following 60-some people, and deleting the app from my phone.

I also turned off as many messaging and alert options as…

Solitude, self retreat, writing, yoga, meditation, self care, soul care, love.

How’s holiday week going? Things are pretty ordinary here — I give Chinese Medicine finals through December 23, then have a quick turn-around for grading before taking the 25th off.

As I wrote to my students this weekend, I feel honoured and grateful to be a small part of their path with the medicine. Watching them stretch and learn and transition from patients to practitioners truly fills me.

No Christmas decorations are up, aside from the stocking I’ve had since 1975:). On rare years, I’ve gotten a small tree…

Writing, yoga, meditation, self care, soul care, morning routine, evening routine, link love.

How is it that the weeks pass so quickly! I truthfully will never understand “boredom.” Life is so, so full. Of options…of possibilities…of places of exploration and practice.

I’ve been immersed in writing each morning but didn’t get around to extracting an excerpt for the blog this week. Overall, I’ve been feeling pulled to spend less and less time online…and more and more time doing the work. Online time, I find, tends to be a distraction…and tends to leave me feeling increasingly dissatisfied and empty.

There are…

New job, Chinese Medicine, yoga, meditation, self care, soul care, morning routine, evening routine, selfie, link love.

December. How’s it going? I’m in a strange, but mostly good, liminal place…

Just moved…transitioning to Dean of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine at Pacific Rim College…continuing to teach and run my own business…figuring out what Randy’s and my new life setup looks like…wondering when I’ll see my family again (for all but one person, it’s been 7 years). It’s a lot.

That said, I have steady routines and anchors in place:

  • Daily meditation (at least a half hour each morning and evening)
  • Daily…

Divorce, women, soul sisters, spirituality, yoga, meditation, faith, gratitude.

This is an excerpt from a (much!) longer work in process. The writing of things helps me process them…and fills me with appreciation for the hardest, most intense of times. They are what makes us, in the end. They are also what highlights places of lightness, joy and ease. (And yes, we’re still remarried.)

Several years back, during the Winter of Divorce, I struggled to survive — financially, mentally, physically. Each day, I’d continue. …

Moving, minimalism, Chinese Medicine, sobriety, link love.

Whew! This week’s been a whirlwind! Following a ping, I found a new apartment last Tuesday…and moved homes on Sunday, less than a week later. So glad I’m a minimalist!

I’m now living in a restored heritage building in downtown Victoria, immediately above the studio where I go to hot boxing, fitness and such each morning. The commute was fantastic…but as of today everything’s on lockdown again, so no classes for a while.

Thank goodness for my sauna blanket ($100 off with Promo Code HEAT100 11/20 thru 12/4 only).

Cats, spirituality, aging, grief, joy, death, life, mindfulness, presence.

My cat MingYi died sometime in late May during my second year of Chinese Medicine school. I think it was the 22nd. She was the first being I’d brought home to stay. The first one I’d settled down long enough to do so.

The first years after her death, I had nightmares around the anniversary of her transition. Then, at some point, I lost track of that. It might happen still, but time’s current carried the why away.

Losing Ming was a terrible, terrible time. I was angry one night when…

Sobriety, spirituality, relationships, mindfulness, soul care.

As I go about the remembering and writing of things, I’ve been revisiting old journals with much trepidation. Most that I have are from Randy’s and my time in Florida, the first years of our relationship. Reading some of that now, just…oof. Individually and as a couple, we have changed so much. We have grown so much.

It took a lot of pain and heartache to get where we are today. It also took years of conscious practice. But I’m so grateful. And so proud of us — separately and together.

These changes are…

Connection, consciousness, aging, mindfulness, kindness.

Weaving together glimpses of self, others, places and times, I find myself missing people. Also versions of me. This, I realize, is nothing extraordinary. But there is something marvellous in it. Here’s what.

When I find myself missing my first love, a boy named Jeff who loved me back then broke my heart in sixth grade, I don’t miss (or even know) his current expression of self. I don’t even miss his high school self (the last time I recall seeing him). I miss the curly, sandy-haired kid who made funny voices with me between…

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