An Eagle, an Osprey & an Angry Couple Walk into a Bar

Or, you know, just battle it out on home turf

Dana Leigh Lyons
12 min readMay 11, 2023

Hey, Medium crew! I rarely post on Medium anymore but miss some familiar faces here. The post below is my latest essay from Substack — thought I’d do a “drive by” and try to entice you to stop by that space for more :). If not, no worries. I totally get how one platform can be more than enough. But if you want to find more of me, that’s where I’ll be.

Last Saturday, late afternoon, I had just returned from offering acupuncture at a health centre a few towns over. My homecoming was unusual in that I chose company over solitude. My homecoming was unusual in that I made some gesture towards normal.

Energized from working at a new spot and exploring new-to-me surrounds, I sprawled on the living-room floor with my laptop as my partner worked nearby. In our open concept rental, this is his usual spot — a massive wood table facing glass sliders and tall windows in a kitchen-meets-dining-meets-living room. Otherwise known as: his office (1).

Resting there a while, taking in woods and sky, I felt light, open, home.

Looking up, I watched a bald eagle hovering, circling, doubling back — this is common here, in rural south shore Nova Scotia. Still, each sighting is special. Each sighting is a sign.

I mentioned the eagle to Randy, who, as he does, rushed to take a look and step onto the scene. Opening the slider, he stood half in…