An Eagle, an Osprey & an Angry Couple Walk into a Bar

Or, you know, just battle it out on home turf

Dana Leigh Lyons
12 min readMay 11


Hey, Medium crew! I rarely post on Medium anymore but miss some familiar faces here. The post below is my latest essay from Substack — thought I’d do a “drive by” and try to entice you to stop by that space for more :). If not, no worries. I totally get how one platform can be more than enough. But if you want to find more of me, that’s where I’ll be.

Last Saturday, late afternoon, I had just returned from offering acupuncture at a health centre a few towns over. My homecoming was unusual in that I chose company over solitude. My homecoming was unusual in that I made some gesture towards normal.

Energized from working at a new spot and exploring new-to-me surrounds, I sprawled on the living-room floor with my laptop as my partner worked nearby. In our open concept rental, this is his usual spot — a massive wood table facing glass sliders and tall windows in a kitchen-meets-dining-meets-living room. Otherwise known as: his office (1).

Resting there a while, taking in woods and sky, I felt light, open, home.

Looking up, I watched a bald eagle hovering, circling, doubling back — this is common here, in rural south shore Nova Scotia. Still, each sighting is special. Each sighting is a sign.

I mentioned the eagle to Randy, who, as he does, rushed to take a look and step onto the scene. Opening the slider, he stood half in, half out. Looking up, he called to the being above. Thirsty for contact, he filled…so much space.

Lying on the floor quiet and waiting, I watched as the eagle passed low again, white head and tail feathers on full display. I tried to block out Randy’s calls and words. I tried to stay present with Eagle.

Reentering, Randy declared, “It was an osprey.”

ME: There was also an eagle.

RANDY [in monotone mode]: Yes, an osprey.

ME: Yes. And a bald eagle. I could see the full white head and tail feathers.

RANDY: Osprey.

ME [soft voice growing louder and rage-ful]: Yes, and, there was an eagle. It flew right in front of me, swooping low and doubling back — close to the ground as you looked up.

RANDY [still in monotone]: Yeah, osprey. It’s white underneath.



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