Are You Sober Curious? Even a Teeny Bit? Head Here.

Dana Leigh Lyons
2 min readJan 2, 2022


Image by Clark Tibbs, Unsplash

As I approach year two of sobriety from alcohol, I awoke yesterday thinking: “Wow. I’m SO glad I don’t drink! I love mornings!”

Not to rub it in if your New Year’s Day didn’t quite go that way…

Just to say, there’s so much goodness on this side of sobriety. Turns out, you don’t even need to “have a problem” with alcohol to discover it.

When I stopped drinking, I was having 1–2 glasses of wine at dinner. That’s it. That was too much.

The way I looked forward to that moment at the end of the day felt very…out of alignment.

With my life’s work…with connection…with yoga and spiritual practice…with all that I hold most dear and most aspire to manifest.

I wrote all about it here, and this seemed a fitting time to re-share:

If you’re even the teeniest bit sober curious, I encourage you to give this sober thing a go.

I also encourage you to make it feel joyous, exciting, and good (rather than white-knuckling your way through).

What will you feel and look like on day 30? What might change for the better?

If you want support giving soberAF a try, I offer a handful of options at Alchemist Academy, including:

I’m all about making sobriety feel exciting rather than a punishment.

I’m all about helping you feel more alive, more aligned, and just…better.

I’m also a doctor of Chinese Medicine, so can prescribe herbs if you’re in the United States (where I’m licensed and can have them drop-shipped to you directly). These work wonders for supporting recovery and moving the whole body-mind towards wellness.

Please head over and reach out if you have questions!

If you’d like to get to know me better first, to see whether we’re a fit, find fun facts plus a few deep, dark secrets here:

Wherever your path leads in 2022, sending blessings for a beautiful new year.

In integrity & alchemy, Dana

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