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  • James Beaufait

    James Beaufait

    Living our dream off-grid in Hawaii; passionate about creative expression: Wabi-sabi stories, living and dreaming consciously, and communing with Mother Nature.

  • Nese Devenot

    Nese Devenot

  • Carly Newberg

    Carly Newberg

    Author | Freelancer | Sub. Teacher — I write about what I go through in the most transparent way possible. https://linktr.ee/carlynewberg

  • aniruddha


    I live and work in Bengaluru, India which is also my home town. Work revolves around EVs and Manufacturing while my interests are technology, blogging and yoga

  • Vincent Kühl

    Vincent Kühl

    Best Selling Author in the category of Nothing. Short stories, thoughts and, poems. Ko-fi.com/vincentkoehl23

  • Donna J. Allen

    Donna J. Allen

    My writing and I are works in progress. Every day. All the time. Constantly progressing. Watch for me.

  • pencil & ashes

    pencil & ashes

    Poet/Writer. Professional snacker. Child of immigrants. Recovering from multiple traumas, including office politics and fluorescent lighting.

  • Mark Cosby

    Mark Cosby

    I am a multidimensional creation that’s on a never-ending quest for self-improvement. Also 3 X Author & Certified Life Coach.

  • Joel Brown

    Joel Brown

    My favourite topics walking, photography, motivation, ideas, and writing. Let’s have Coffee @ https://ko-fi.com/joel_brown

  • Kelly Eden

    Kelly Eden

    Award-winning essayist, New Zealand rainforest dweller, owner of too many writing craft books. Become a word nerd too https://kellyeden.medium.com/membership

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