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How to Quiet Anxiety and Feel Calm Naturally: 22 Tools for Immediate Relief and Long-Term Solutions

Trust me, I know the feeling!

Dana Leigh Lyons
7 min readMay 26, 2022


Image by Mathyas Kurmann, Unsplash

How’s it going? Living a life you love? One you don’t want to escape or numb out?

I. Know.

This “being human” stuff is fraught at times.

So, in case you, like me, feel a little on edge on occasion, I’m sharing my personal go-to’s for curbing anxiety and cultivating calm.

Trust — I’m a seasoned pro in the anxiety arena. Been in training for most of my 47 years. Thank all that is good, I’ve found some powerful, simple ways to reorganize my life and re-pattern my limbic system.

Below you’ll find a shortlist of what works, from my heart to yours.

  • The first set is for quick relief.
  • The second set is for finding serenity over the longer term.
  • The third set includes what I consider “extras” in my own life currently, but which are pivotal for some folks and not extra at all.

Take what helps, leave the rest, and know that you are in charge. You have done harder things and know best what you need. Trust that, and pull from this lineup for ideas and support.