Klara Svida: Slow Fashion, Personal Styling, Empowering Women

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I first met Klara a few years ago, when treating myself to a carefully considered, totally worth it splurge at her clothing boutique: Habits.

As I went to pay, we realized we attended the same gym (back when I was doing Crossfit + crazy 5:30am workouts ;).

Our interaction was brief…but in mere minutes touched on deeper stuff. No details — just a few lines that somehow spoke to heartbreak, life shifts, shared humanness, connection.

Klara’s a beautiful spirit, and I’m thrilled to interview her in this space. Below, she talks about slow fashion, styling as self-care, body positivity, empowering women, morning routines, and how she went from heartbreak to pursuing her passions. Enjoy!

Please introduce yourself!

My name is Klara Svida, and I’m the owner of Habits clothing on Baker Street in beautiful Nelson, BC. I’m a lover of all things beautiful, whether it’s connecting with my daughters while walking in the woods, enjoying an incredible meal with someone I love, or putting on a pair of beautiful heels. I feel beauty is a gift that is constantly being offered to us if we are willing to accept it.

Tell us about your boutique!

My boutique is a place where I want all women of all ages to come and feel safe and happy. I strive to bring quality clothing in different price ranges and hard-to-find brands under one curated roof.

My vision for Habits is for women to be able to buy clothes they will have and love for years. I love good quality clothes that last and make a woman feel confident.

Can fashion support body acceptance?

I think women are incredibly hard on themselves, especially their bodies. I see and hear it constantly in my store, and it has become my mission to try to change that.

I’ve been styling women for over 20 years and I’ve seen the change in a woman’s confidence when I style her in something she obviously feels really good in. I think loving our bodies and wearing things we feel beautiful in go hand in hand.

I always tell women if you don’t feel great in it, don’t buy it. Whether it’s sweats or a fancy dress, you should always feel great.

How about self-care?

Self-care and style go hand in hand. I have things my mother gave me that make me feel beautiful because there is love in them. I’ve bought very expensive pieces that I take care of and love. I’ve also gotten gorgeous things from thrift stores.

For me it’s all about that high/low mix that creates a great wardrobe, which then creates that feeling of loving the things you own. It’s just stuff at the end of the day, so why not have beautiful things that make you feel good.

What’s beauty to you?

Beauty to me is gratitude and joy. It’s when your heart is truly bursting with love because you are doing your best at being a good human. I love surrounding myself with all things beautiful.

I’ve spent the last two years living in a tiny cabin with both my daughters, two dogs and a cat. It’s rustic and yet we have grown closer and more in sync with what beautiful means. It’s laughing together, being present, and being surrounded by things we love.

Do you find rituals or routines helpful?

I am definitely someone who likes ritual. I’m a morning person for sure and start my day very early. I always start with a glass of water and a cappuccino. I love grinding my coffee beans fresh and putting everything together into a beautiful cup, sitting on the couch with my animals and either reading my book or flipping through a design magazine while I enjoy my coffee.

It’s then either off to a Crossfit class or dog walk. Even if it’s a gym day, I always get the dog out. I absolutely love being in the woods with my dogs — it is my church for sure, a great time to give gratitude and reflect.

What’s your personal style?

My personal style is quality modern pieces in all aspects of my life. Whether it’s an amazing, locally made coffee cup I use every morning, a gorgeous blanket my mother made for my daughters to snuggle in, or a perfect pair of jeans I wear constantly.

People are always surprised by my closet. I own a boutique, yet my closet is fairly sparse. I love jeans with a great blouse and well-tailored blazer. I’m a total sucker for a form-fitting dress with heels. I wear the same jewelry almost daily: several gold bangles, a ring my partner gave me with love, and always earrings.

What’s the style of Habits?

Habits is about slow fashion. I aim to bring in lines you can have in your closet for years. I have great basics like t-shirts and good quality denim and mix everything together with fun fashionable pieces that can be styled together.

Walk us through a styling session with you!

A style session with me is first off a quick chat about your particular lifestyle — your clothes should fit into your life. I’ve styled professionals, stay-at-home moms, young women starting new careers, and women retiring who want a simple wardrobe that works for their bodies.

I usually find a simple pair of pants that fit well and then we go through a range of tops that might work and then on to outerwear. I encourage women to bring in pieces they already own and love that we can work with as well as shoes they wear a lot. I push women to try things on they might not normally buy, but ultimately they have to love the outcome. It’s always fun, there is zero pressure, and women always seem to leave inspired.

What are your top 3 styling tips?

  1. Find what colours work best on you.
  2. Buy clothes that work for your life.
  3. Spend money on quality things you can have for years — a good purse, good shoes, properly fitting jeans — and keep your closet paired down. That’s 4 tips really :).

What’s trending this spring?!

Spring trends are definitely lots of colour, and pant legs are getting wider. I tend to stay away from trends but seem to be gravitating towards pink these days, which is very in!!

What advice would you offer women in business or others pursuing heart-felt passions?

If I could give advice to women pursuing their passions it would be to break the fear barrier and go for it. When I bought my business, I was going through a major heartbreak. My marriage ended and I was blindsided.

I had no idea how I was going to support myself — I had been a stay-at-home mom for several years. I had worked in the fashion/design business for years before the birth of my daughters, and I remember always wanting to own my own boutique.

I approached the original owner of Habits and asked to buy the business on a whim — I somehow just made it happen. It’s not easy and I sacrificed. I work hard and am always coming up with new ways to make it all happen.

Any woman can do it: we are often our own biggest barriers. Change your mindset, surround yourself with people who love you but keep you accountable, and just go for it.

How can people find you and learn more?

People can come see me at 579 Baker Street. I love meeting and working with women. There’s this falsity out there that women can’t work together — it’s absolutely ridiculous. I love building women up, celebrating their successes, and seeing women empowering our world to do better.

Book a style session with me, and let’s get you empowered through fashion! It’s a small but fantastic step towards self-love.

Thanks so much, Klara! I love your boutique + your message!

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