Dana Leigh Lyons

Klara Svida: Slow Fashion, Personal Styling, Empowering Women

Klara Svida, Owner of Habits Boutique, Nelson, BC, Jackie Zelt Photography

Please introduce yourself!

Tell us about your boutique!

Habits Boutique, Baker Street, Nelson, BC, photo by Jackie Zelt Photography

Can fashion support body acceptance?

How about self-care?

What’s beauty to you?

Do you find rituals or routines helpful?

Klara’s fur family, Nelson, BC

What’s your personal style?

What’s the style of Habits?

Pink, black + grey! Habits Boutique, Nelson, BC

Walk us through a styling session with you!

What are your top 3 styling tips?

What’s trending this spring?!

What advice would you offer women in business or others pursuing heart-felt passions?

How can people find you and learn more?

Life by design.

I’m a doctor of Chinese Medicine, college dean, and writer. https://www.danaleighlyons.com/