Learn How to Skip the Google Search and Make Feeling Good Easier

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Over the past couple days, I’ve shared a few insights from my own journey towards reclaiming my body as my ally:

It took me a LONG time, and for DECADES…

Food felt like the enemy.

My body felt like the enemy.

My mind felt like the enemy.

I felt like I was fighting myself (because, let’s face it, I was).

Along the way, I discovered many things, including how a particular alchemy was what I most needed.

This alchemy of holistic medicine, mindfulness, spiritual practice, real food, and supportive lifestyle choices helped me feel better and recover a more complete, more alive expression of myself.

While I learned (and will always be learning) an incredible amount on this journey, I’ve also come to understand something very clearly: It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Out of everything I’ve learned, only a few things — less than 10% — really matter. Here are three:

  • Thing One: Your body and mind thrive on real, whole food. (Skip the Google search. Forget the “food fights.”)
  • Thing Two: Your body and mind thrive on connection. (With self, with others, with Nature, with the Universe.)
  • Thing Three: Want to make it easier? Remember, find, or figure out what you wholeheartedly love to do. And then do it.

No one can tell you what that is. But it has to hold the same “charge” as your food or other “fix” of choice.

That’s the only way it’ll work.

That’s the only way to shift from white-knuckled discipline to I FEEL ALIVE devotion.

That’s the way home to yourself.

I’ve distilled those simple things (along with others!) into a kit designed as a doorway. One that will help you:

  • Reclaim your body as your ally
  • Shift unhelpful eating and lifestyle patterns
  • Step out of a “bad cycle” on repeat

It is my heart-felt desire that The Body as Ally Recovery Kit will help you:

  • Stop fighting yourself
  • Feel lighter and more at home in your body
  • Explore the “why” of eating and lifestyle patterns
  • Eat and live in a way that’s nourishing, intuitive, and healing
  • Recover a more complete, more whole, more alive version of YOU

You can find it here, along with the line-up of what’s included.

Wishing you more of what you love, always.

In integrity & alchemy,

P.S., If you’re a Chinese Medicine professional, this kit is approved for 4 PDAs with NCCAOM. The ebook, workbook and meditations it contains are excellent tools to use with clients and patients!

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I’m a doctor of Chinese Medicine, college dean, and writer. https://www.danaleighlyons.com/

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Dana Leigh Lyons

Dana Leigh Lyons

I’m a doctor of Chinese Medicine, college dean, and writer. https://www.danaleighlyons.com/

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