Real Life: Are You a Town Mouse or Country Mouse?

Bench, Mount Douglas Park, Victoria, BC

Mental health awareness

Personally, I have an aversion to “commemoration” months and days. This holds not only for occasions such as National Donut Day, but also bigger stuff — like declaring May Mental Health Awareness Month.

What we ponder most becomes the inclination of the mind.

So, for instance, if we frequently ponder resentment and anger, our mind’s inclination or leaning is towards resentment and anger. Same goes for sadness and grief…or fear and despair…or joy and hope and gratitude.

Better beauty

Lastly, this post is a *must read* for anyone considering joining (or purchasing from) Beautycounter and feeling skeptical.

View from Mount Douglas Park, Victoria, BC

Recipes + Links

Speaking of mental health, follow this Insta feed. Alessandra is my favourite source of self-care reminders.


When you’re making changes, caring accountability makes a world of difference.