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Real Life: Codependency, sobriety, Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine, sobriety, codependency, addiction, recovery, connection

Oof. How is this possible??? Despite devoting an hour or more to internal + spiritual practice daily for decades…and despite religiously working on my shit like a second job, I’ve still got “this thing.”

Specifically, it doesn’t matter how many beautiful, touching messages or words or testimonials I get in a day…one nasty comment sends me spiralling. If I happen to actually know the person (meaning, they aren’t anonymous), that spiral looks more like momentary collapse.

This is true even when the comment is 100 percent not about me at all, but their shit. This is true even when that’s so obvious it’s ridiculous. I’ve gotten a LOT better at working with it over the years, and yet…

It still hurts my heart. It still makes me search my entire being for how I’m “not enough.” For how I could have “been better.”

After all this time, it’s still my thing. It’s still an active addiction.

One practice I’ve found helpful is to respond with generosity. And to feel in my heart + soul that I’m showing up the best I know how, with care and integrity. So mostly, that’s where I’m at this morning. Feeling hurt. Touching in. Practicing hard.

Brews + Potions

All that said, I’m also holding space for play + joy over at Alchemist Academy. First, I’ve gotten enough interest to teach the brand new Brews + Potions Chinese Medicine formulas course week-by-week, overlapping my “in-person” instruction at Pacific Rim College (even at PRC, we’ll likely stay in the Zooms).

The Alchemist Academy version will be self-guided, but I’ll be checking in by email and releasing the week’s content every Monday. Some logistics:

  • The self-guided, online course starts May 4 and goes through late August, when all 20 modules wrap up.
  • You’ll have forever access, both on the course page and in downloadable form.
  • I’ve also created a payment plan, in case paying all at once is tough right now.
  • I’m offering a couple scholarships to Chinese Medicine students.

Reach out if you’re interested, and head here to sign up before the May start date!

Quarantine selfie, age 45, in the raw, HAIR longer than in decades!! HELP!

Two more things (including a $ thing)

In other Alchemist Academy news, I put two things in place for anyone wanting a little extra about now (including extra $ in your pocket).

Buy one, gift one.

In email exchanges and private messages this week, I’m hearing from lots of folks struggling with:

  • Eating All The Sugar
  • Drinking more than they’d like
  • Letting self-care routines go to shit

If any or all of these sound familiar, you are SO NOT ALONE. Also, omg, I so get it! That’s why I rolled out the new Sobriety Kit + Recovery Journal asap.

It’s focused on life in sobriety, yes, but also has an entire module on eating (including an entire ebook on breaking the sugar habit with 5 doable steps). There are also audio lessons, meditations, and a workbook — and that’s just the eating part!

More generally, the kit contains a whack of playful tools for crafting rituals, routines, and a life you love (even in iso).

Is it meant for sober people? Yes! I love you. Is it a fit for others excited about intentional life design. Yes! I love you too.

And…I’m offering a “buy one, gift one” option. Buy a kit for yourself, and we (you + me:) will gift one to the person of your choice. I’ll contact you after purchase with a special code to send their way. That simple.

Here’s where to get your kit so you can, you know, give the gift of feeling better + winning quarantine;).

Make some dough.

Or cash, as the case may be. My days have been too full to do much marketing, so I just upped Alchemist Academy’s affiliate commission to 40 percent. If you sign on as an affiliate, you get a personal link to share. (You have to be enrolled in a product to access this — meaning, any product at Alchemist Academy, so poke around).

Anyone buys anything from Alchemist Academy thru your link, and you make 40 percent. Super simple. Super fast payout. Contact me if you have questions about how it works, and I’ll walk you through it.

Hope one or both of these bring a little brightness to your day. Whatever you’re feeling this week, know there’s space for all of it. Know you don’t have to fix “your thing” — sometimes, it just wants to be held. Meanwhile, some…

Daily, solitary walk, Victoria, BC

Recipes + links

Breaking up with sugar. An interview with a badass woman trained in addictions work…who was addicted to sugar all the while….and then broke up with it.

Prepare for the ultimate gaslighting. You’re not crazy, my friends. What the trauma has shown us cannot be unseen.

Whole30 recipes that don’t leave you deprived. Though, personally, I never feel deprived on Whole30!

Brené on anxiety, calm and over/under-functioning. Including why anxiety is contagious, and how to cultivate calm.

What are you all working with this week? I’d love to hear in the comments. From my heart + home to yours. xo

New (or new-ish) to sobriety?

I help women who are newly sober craft lives they love.

If you’re craving that, check out my customized plans + coaching.

For DIY support, get my brand-new-so-frickin-excited-to-share Sobriety Kit + Recovery Journal.

In integrity + alchemy, Dana

I’m a doctor of Chinese Medicine, college dean, and writer. https://www.danaleighlyons.com/