Real Life: Editing My Online Time

Dana Leigh Lyons
2 min readDec 17, 2020

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How is it that the weeks pass so quickly! I truthfully will never understand “boredom.” Life is so, so full. Of options…of possibilities…of places of exploration and practice.

I’ve been immersed in writing each morning but didn’t get around to extracting an excerpt for the blog this week. Overall, I’ve been feeling pulled to spend less and less time online…and more and more time doing the work. Online time, I find, tends to be a distraction…and tends to leave me feeling increasingly dissatisfied and empty.

There are exceptions, of course. For instance, I’m loving the live meditations and dharma talks each morning here. I tune in at 7am for Gil’s guidance and teaching…and then revisit the recording each evening after dinner. No matter what happens during the day, these are beautiful bookends. And although I’ve got quite a lot on my plate at the moment, I’m seriously considering Gil’s year-long Buddhist Chaplaincy training for the future.

What’s filling your days and calling to your body-mind-soul? We get this one chance, after all, in this particular form. Let’s cherish and celebrate it. Let’s cherish and celebrate each other. And always, always, let’s lead with love.

LingDao “shares” my #WFH situation


Our shared unsharing. “In early quarantine, stripped of our typical distractions, bored by our lockdowns but unable to stop the game of self-comparison, we began to scrutinize one another for sport.” Sigh…

The Year of Drinking Dangerously. “A growing number of women are boozing more than ever during COVID — but what we’re seeking in alcohol may never be found at the bottom of a glass.”

Decadence + deliciousness. Post cancer, Caroline explores her own choices…and how to nourish her children’s relationship with food, connection, celebration and joy.

Power + grace. Lalah Delia offers sage guidance for expressing the highest, truest, most complete version of ourselves.

Wishing you an abundance of grace, hope and kindness this week. Let’s take care of each other. xo.


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