Real Life: Self-Sabotage & Digital Boundaries

  • I keep my inbox at zero pretty much always. Not checking all evening means a pile-up by morning.
  • As an entrepreneur with a perfectionism problem and an introvert who loves connecting through writing, email is a HUGE part of waking life.
  • I wonder how the people I love most are doing…and worry whether they’re lonely or sad or otherwise need to check in.
LingDao embraces her own habits #nfg

Self-sabotage + upper-limiting

  • Confusion
  • Indecisiveness
  • Procrastination
  • Re-cluttering what was tidy
  • Picking a fight with a loved one
  • Responding with reactivity
  • Coming down with cold or flu symptoms
  • Blowing up a healthy eating or lifestyle plan just when it was going so well
  • Blowing off supportive routines and movement or mindfulness practices
  • Relapsing with sugar, drugs, alcohol, shopping, gambling, or a co-dependent relationship
  • Taking on too many to-dos or saying yes to too many things
  • Driving ourselves towards burnout, depression, migraines, etc., etc.
  • Name — and repeatedly notice and name — the repetitive pattern, including triggers, what you do in response, and where it leads (seeing the cycle, in other words).
  • Name — and repeatedly notice and name — the underlying fear (for example, fear of not enough) and deep-rooted beliefs (for example, “I’m not good enough”).
  • Recommit to your “why” and your goals Every. Single. Day. Relapse? Get back up and reset. Offer yourself space to mess up AND own what is your responsibility.
  • Do less but of higher quality — really commit to prioritizing what matters most and do it with integrity, letting other things go.
  • Recruit compassionate, solid accountability (including through healthy relationships but also, potentially, a coach).

Find me elsewhere, etc.

  • Find my summer eating guide over at DAO Labs.
  • Then, here at Medium, get my take on the number 1 determinant of whether people see lasting change in their relationship with food (or keep jumping from one so-called solution to the next).

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Life by design.




I’m a doctor of Chinese Medicine, college dean, and writer.

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Dana Leigh Lyons

Dana Leigh Lyons

I’m a doctor of Chinese Medicine, college dean, and writer.

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