Roots + Shoots: An Alchemist Guide to Chinese Herbs

I created Roots + Shoots to help students + practitioners…

  • Learn (and remember!) Chinese herbs
  • Review when you’re feeling rusty
  • Ace Chinese Medicine courses
  • Prep for board exams
  • Earn 18 NCCAOM-approved PDA points or CTCMA CEU hours

If you want to…

  • Learn, review (and remember!) Chinese herbs like a Boss
  • Take the stress out of tests + exams
  • Impress teachers, classmates, colleagues + loved ones with your mad herb wiz-dom
  • Rack up a whack of useful, playful PDA points or CEU hours

This 20-module program includes:

  • Audio lessons covering hundreds of herbs in 19 categories
  • Written Cheat Sheets + audio reviews of What You Need To Know (plus keener tips + dad jokes)
  • A Big Ass Herb Chart (plus other helpful handouts + tools)
  • Practice quizzes + exams designed by a real live instructor who passed Chinese Medicine herb boards in both Canada + the United States (uh, that’d be me)


I’m a licensed practitioner. How many PDA/CEUs will this get me?

This course has been approved for 18 PDA points with NCCAOM in the United States. To earn those points, you’ll need to complete and submit the course worksheet and final quiz. If you are in British Columbia, Canada, you can also apply this course for 18 CEUs with CTCMA (but do not have to submit the worksheet or quiz). If you are elsewhere, please check with your licensing body to see whether you can earn continuing ed credit through the course.

I don’t have Chinese Medicine experience. Can I still take the course?

This course was designed for students and practitioners familiar with Chinese Medicine fundamentals. Typically, herbology is a 2nd-year course in Chinese Medicine programs. Indeed, Roots + Shoots includes the curriculum I taught as a college instructor.

I’m already learning herbs as part of a Chinese Medicine program. Won’t this be repetitive or redundant?

Yes! Much of the information will be repetitive. Trust: that’s a good thing. The more you go through the hundreds of herbs in various formats and from different perspectives, the more you’ll retain and the deeper your knowledge will be. Plus, I include lots of fun stuff + keener material that I for sure didn’t get as an intro herbs student!

  • Chinese Medicine dietetics + lifestyle (Yang Sheng Fa)
  • Acupuncture points
  • Chinese herbology
  • Chinese herbal formulas
  • Therapeutics: internal medicine, external medicine, advanced therapeutics
  • Prepping for board exams in Canada or the United States

I’m prepping for boards. Will this course help me pass?

Yes! If you are prepping for boards that encompass Chinese herbs, Roots + Shoots is a smart addition to your study plan. I would have LOVED to have had it while prepping for boards in Canada and the United States. The herbs covered in this course include all those testable by CTCMA in British Columbia and NCCAOM in the United States when I wrote (and passed) those exams.

I’m a new practitioner. Is this course for me?

Yes! I would have loved to have had this course while starting practice on my own, as a new practitioner. It’s a fantastic way to engage in the sort of continuous review that makes for a master (plus does so in a way that’s fun + easy, since you can download the audio files and listen to them on the go, etc.).

  • Develop your own practitioner brand + style
  • Have fun growing your skills + business
  • Chat about tricky cases + leave with a solid plan
  • Receive experience-based feedback + creative solutions

I’m an experienced practitioner. Is this course for me?

Yes! I don’t know about you, but I find ongoing study + review essential (not to mention fun!). With each pass through the material, I discover something new, retain more information, and gain valuable insights applicable in clinic.

Photos of author, by Bobbi Barbarich

What students are saying

Approved for 18 PDA points with NCCAOM (also counts for CEUs with CTCMA)

Again, I’ll be doubling the price NEXT WEEK! Unless you want to give me 125 extra beans ;), grab your evergreen access to Roots + Shoots: An Alchemist Guide to Chinese Herbs now!



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