Self-Care for Kiddos: 5 Ways to Boost Wellness

5 Ways to Boost Kid Wellness & Well-being

Photo by Hannah Tasker, Unsplash

1. Food

Always, always, always, real food is a powerful starting point. Eating simple, nutrient-dense food makes us feel better. Conversely, a diet high in processed foods and refined sugars can cause or worsen allergies, ear aches, behavioural problems and mood disorders.

Photo by Patricia Prudente, Unsplash

2. Movement

Rather than compartmentalize “exercise” and highlight “fitness goals,” encourage kids to embrace natural movement and its impact on body and mind. Prompt them to get curious about breathing during a walk or run…or to enjoy play during a soccer game or dance recital instead of focusing on outcomes.

Photo by Michael Mims, Unsplash

3. Connection

Often overlooked, connection is as important as nourishing food and movement. Indeed, the core “why” behind supportive eating and movement is being connected to our true wants and needs. Coming from this place, we can find true connection with others.

Photo by Tina Floersch, Unsplash

4. Expression

From a place of true connection — both to self and others — arises authentic, honest expression. Expression of any form (whether through words, art, music, journaling, or something wholly different) supports emotional and physical “free flow.” It allows for a more vital, complete manifestation of our human-being-ness.

Photo by Alexander Dummer, Unsplash

5. Time in nature

Lastly, encourage kids to look beyond “this human stuff” and connect with Nature. Time outdoors not only supports a healthy immune system, but also mental-emotional well-being.

Photo by Myung Won Seo, Unsplash

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Dana Leigh Lyons

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